Completion of the group stage of the Champions League

Predictions for football matches

The UEFA Champions League is the most sought after football tournament for fans and bettors alike. This long-awaited event always brings together a large number of questions: how will the group stage of the Champions League end? Who to expect in the playoffs? What to put on the results of the group stage?

At the moment, the group stage of the tournament has already approached its equator. Now much has become clear about the possibilities of teams, in connection with this, a number of attractive betting options have been born.

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Group A


Four teams, but Real Madrid and PSG are predicted to leave the group. The way the season and the group stage is going speaks of the only profitable bet for the outcome of this group. The Parisians scored 9 goals in three rounds, but at least 7 should be scored in the second round. They will have home matches with Brugge and Galatasaray. There have already been victorious matches on the road, where PSG scored a ball against the Turkish team and 5 goals against the Belgians. In addition, scheduled departure to Madrid “Real”, which is now quite unstable. In general, PSG have a great attack, so reaching the mark of 16 goals scored should not be a problem for the team.

Group B

Red Star33-93

A quartet of Bayern, Tottenham, Red Star and Olympiacos. There is only one bet on the fact that Tottenham will score at least 9 points. At this stage they have 4 points. The club is obliged to beat the Greeks at home, which will give them a total of about 7 points, after which there will be two visits - to the Germans and the Serbs. In Serbia, the result is not guaranteed, but three points in Germany - yes. 

Group C

Manchester city310-19
Dinamo (Zagreb)36-44

In this group, from the very beginning it was clear that the first line would go to Manchester City. Having won three starting meetings, the British remain in first position. The second line goes to Dinamo Zagreb, who are convincingly spending the season. In the list of major victories of this team, the match with “Atlanta” is 4:0. 

It also looks like a bet that City will score no more than 17 goals. The team's attack is fantastic, but the trip to Italy on Matchday 4 of the group stage comes before an important Premier League game against Liverpool. This suggests that a lot of energy will not be spent against Atlanta, which means that there is no need to wait for scoring chances in their performance. In the final match of the group stage, "City" will go to Croatia, by this time all the tournament tasks will be solved. 

Group D


The quartet, in which the performance of the Moscow “Locomotive” is expected. At the end of three rounds, the team has three points, which ensured them third place in the table. The result, of course, is not bad, but the chances of getting out of the group are rather illusory. However, the railroad should not abandon the Europa League, because they still have a home game with Bayer, which by that time may lose all motivation. Recall that Bayer has already been beaten in Germany. In addition, a home game with Juventus is still expected, where the difference in class is obvious, but as you remember, Loko managed to fight in Turin. 

Another nice bet is that Atlético Madrid don't concede more than 5 goals. During the first rounds, the Spaniards conceded only two goals, both from Juventus. In the second round they will play with Loko, Bayer and Juve. The Italians remain the only opponents who are capable of scoring.

Group E

RB Salzburg412-104

Liverpool are second in the group after the first round, just one point behind leaders Napoli. Bookmakers leave Liverpool as favorites and wait for their victory. Here comes an offer to bet against, because the Merseysiders are not so good now - there are problems in away matches. There are very big doubts that the British will cope with Salzburg, plus problems may arise in the home game with Napoli. Ancelotti is playing two matches at home, 6 points in which could be enough to win the group if the English in Austria have a misfire.

Group F

Borussia 45-47

A good bet in this group is the exit of Inter. At the moment, the Italians are second in the table, but have an equal number of points with Borussia. The Italians must use tactical methods and play well in Dortmund and Milan. Last season, Inter did not have enough to get out of the group, this time there is a lot of faith in Conte.

Group G

RB Leipzig46-49

The most confusing set of commands. Petersburg “Zenith” will perform here, which adequately completed the first round, having received 4 points and taking the second place. It makes no sense to talk about who will make it to the playoffs from this group, because the arrangement of teams can be absolutely any. Even Benfica could end up in first place from last. I suggest just playing a few bets on goals.

The same Lyon, for example, will miss at least 7 goals. They already have three goals conceded, while the team lacks a reliable defense game. As a result, a weak game in the new season, a trip to Zenit, home games with Benfica and RB Leipzig. I remember that Petrograders battered the defense of “Lyon” even on the road, the Portuguese are dangerous under any conditions, and the Germans will use the space in the opponent's defense. 

“Zenith” for the first round scored 5 goals, playing only two matches on the road. In the second they will have two home games and all the same opponents vulnerable in defense. I have no doubt that Zenit will score 4 more goals. Semak's team conceded 4 goals, in the second round another 5 may arrive, because St. Petersburg residents still have to go to visit Benfica, and it is always difficult to play in Portugal. In addition, Zenit will play against RB Leipzig and Lyon. Counterattacks will definitely be directed towards the Germans, which they need to catch.

Group H


A group that was originally considered equal, however, Lille scored just one point in three matches. Theoretically, they have a chance to reach the playoffs, but in practice their implementation is not available. 

In this quartet, there are several options for betting on the results of the performance of Ajax Amsterdam. Having played three starting games, the Dutch scored 6 points and scored 6 goals. Last season they reached the semi-finals of the Champions League, and this season they will definitely leave the group. “Ajax” is still waiting for a meeting with “Valencia” and guest matches with “Lille” and “Chelsea”. With the first two, the Amsterdam team must score three points each and replenish the scoring reserve. In addition, the successful performance of the Dutch in London is allowed. 

These are the expectations from the end of the Champions League group stage this season. 

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